Brad has spent the last 21 years working with people just like you to assess their guitar goals, develop a sound plan and learning strategy, and achieve their guitar dreams.

From absolute beginners to advanced guitarists, from learning to play songs to learning to write songs, from rocking out in your bedroom to rocking out on stage, from guitar technique to music theory, from rock to folk to jazz to blues to pop to shred, Brad teaches kids and adults how to become the guitar player that they've always wanted to be.

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Hi, guitar folks! Welcome to the world of Brad Barnes, passionate guitar instructor.

From his earliest days as a beginning guitarist 30 years ago, Brad knew he wanted to be a teacher. There is just nothing like listening to someone's guitar dreams and helping them get there step by step. Some people get all excited about the idea of playing guitar but get sidelined by the sometimes confusing and overwhelming process of how to actually develop the skill that they are so excited about. 

Not Brad!

Brad is one of those rare people that LOVES breaking down the process to bite-sized pieces and walking students through each step until can truly perform each new skill. He can't make you practice, but if you're like so many students of his over the last 21 years, you'll WANT TO PRACTICE!

Brad got started with guitar at the age of 15 after a bit of experience with choir and then playing bass in school orchestra. After just a year he was studying guitar at a local community college and after two years he won his first scholarship. He quickly became known for his passionate and virtuosic approach to guitar.

He transferred to the prestigious University of North Texas as a music composition major at the advice of one of his music theory instructors after he was the only student at his college to pass the UNT Theory Proficiency Exam a semester early. 

Brad went on to start his Masters in Music Education but did not complete this as he was very busy with a full student load in his private studio.

In 1997, Brad began teaching full time out of his home in Dallas, Texas. After years of accumulating all kinds of tools and approaches for learning guitar, he started combining these teaching ideas together into a very successful approach that was taking students from literally no experience to strumming through songs while tapping their foot and keeping the form of the song so that people could sing along with them without getting lost. Many of them went on to perform publicly impressing their peers and parents.

From his earliest days as a music student, whether it's with guitar or music theory or anything else, Brad never considered anything learned unless he could successfully teach what he was learning to someone else. 

Brad has developed a reputation as an amazing performer. He has played rock, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles from the Caribbean to Los Angeles. This performing experience allows him to help his students incorporate good performance habits into their practice which allows them to perform as well if they should feel so inclined, though there's never pressure to do so.

From absolute beginners all the way to experienced, gigging performers, Brad can help you achieve your guitar goals.

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